Nicotine Patch Pharmacology

Nicotine replacement therapy is an important tool in helping our patients quit smoking. There are lots of clinical pearls involving the pharmacology of nicotine patches and I explore them in this episode.

Nicotine patches differ from the gum and other acute relief forms in that they are intended to provide a consistent level of nicotine in the body.

The initial dosing of nicotine patches is dependent upon the number of cigarettes smoked by the patient. I discuss it further in the podcast.

When applying nicotine patches, it is important to remember to utilize a clean, non-hairy area to ensure the patch adheres to the skin appropriately.

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Short Acting Beta Agonists RLP Episode 023

On this episode we are going to break down the pharmacology of albuterol and levalbuterol.  Other items addressed;

  • Difference between beta-agonists and beta-blockers
  • Rule of 2
  • Administration pearls and clinical practice problems

Enjoy the episode and share it with your friends if you are benefitting from it!