Nursing Pharmacology Practice Questions – Calculations

Welcome to your Nursing Pharmacology Practice Questions – Calculations

Vancomycin Dose Calculation

There's an order for vancomycin 15mg/kg. Given the patient is 184.8 lb, how many mg do you need? (Round to nearest 250 mg)

Warfarin Tablet Splitting

A provider asks you to give a warfarin dose of 1.25 mg. You don't have warfarin in this strength. Which tablets would make the most sense to use?

% Solution Calculation

If 100 mL of a 15% drug solution is added to 500 mL of D5W, what is the new percentage strength?

Cefazolin Dosing

There is an order for cefazolin 500mg IV q6h. The patient weighs 91kg. How much drug (in grams) is needed to make the doses for 1 day?

Teaspoon Calculation

The patient's provider says that a toddler needs to take 2 teaspoons twice daily for his liquid seizure medication. Approximately many milliliters per day are necessary?

Insulin Dosing

How many mL of InsulinR (U100) should be given to a patient who needs 15 units? 

Bag Size Selection

According to a package insert, compatible IV concentrations of Drug X are 3mg/mL to 10mg/mL. An order calls for 500mg of Drug X to be added to the solution bag. What bag sizes are appropriate given this information?

Vial and Volume Calculation

A patient is to receive Drug J at a dose of 6mg/kg/day for 5 days. Drug J comes in a 25 mL vial with a concentration of 15 mg/mL. The patient weighs 191.4lb. How many milliliters of Drug J are needed in total? How many vials are needed in total? (Round each answer to the nearest WHOLE number.)

Dose Calculation By Weight

Prodrug B is dosed at 7 mcg/kg. The patient weighs 231lb, what is the proper dose (in mcg)?

mEq/mL Concentration Calculation

You have an IV bag of KCl 40mEq in 1L of D5W. What is the concentration in mEq/mL?

Administration Rate

A 0.9 mg dose of Drug Y was given to a patient over 2 hours. What rate, in mcg/min, was this IV administered?

KCL Concentration Calculation

A KCl concentration of 30 mEq/L is needed for a 500mL preparation. The pharmacy has vials of KCl in 40mEq/20mL in stock. How many mL of KCl must you add? (Round answer to the nearest tenth.)

Quantity in mL Calculation

The physician prescribed Drug P 40mg PO bid x 7d. The medicine is available 40mg/5mL. How many mL are needed for the prescription?