Nursing Pharmacology Practice Questions – Respiratory

Welcome to your Nursing Pharmacology Practice Questions – Respiratory

Inhaler Administration

Mr. Johnson has three inhalers for his COPD/asthma. He administers them all at the same time in the morning. His inhalers include fluticasone, tiotropium, and albuterol. Which medication should be administered first?

ADR Profile Ipratropium

The nurse should educate the patient about which of the following side effects when ipratropium is being used?

Montelukast Monitoring

Which of the following would be most concerning with the use of montelukast?

Salmeterol Monitoring

A patient has a history of GERD, COPD, osteoarthritis, tachycardia, and chronic diarrhea due to IBS. Which of the following disease states would salmeterol most likely exacerbate?

Formoterol Alone

A patient states that formoterol works really well for her asthma. It is typically the only thing she uses to manage symptoms. Why should you educate her not to do this?

Umeclidinium T/F

Which of the following is true with regard to the use of umeclidinium?

Patient Education Varenicline

Which of the following would be an inaccurate patient education point about varenicline?

Nicotine Dosage Form Education

Which nicotine replacement dosage form would be least likely to help a nicotine craving within 30 minutes?

Theophylline Adverse Effects

Which of the following would be least associated with theophylline toxicity?

T/F Inhaled Budesonide

Your patient is taking budesonide (inhalation via nebulized formulation) for asthma. Which of the following education points is incorrect?