Metformin Pharmacology – Episode 002

In this episode, I talk about the most important and common adverse effects with metformin and what you will likely see in clinical practice.  I also will talk about the benefits of the medication and its role in the management of type 2 diabetes.  Hope you enjoy the episode!

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Real Life Pharmacology Introduction – Episode 001

In this introduction episode of Real Life Pharmacology, I discuss the two major reasons why I wanted to start this podcast.  I also share a little bit about my background which you can also find here.

Reason 1: I want to help young healthcare professionals by providing an alternative option to help them learn pharmacology.

Reason 2: I have had professors in college that don’t practice in the real world and really have a tough time relaying important and relevant clinical information.  I wanted a way to share some of my experiences as a clinical pharmacist, which I believe will help you provide better care for your patients.

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