Nursing Pharmacology Practice Questions – Drug Interactions

Welcome to your Nursing Pharmacology Practice Questions – Drug Interactions

Drug Interaction Linezolid

A 74-year-old female has been diagnosed with MRSA and is being treated with linezolid. Which medication should be addressed by the primary provider due to a drug interaction?

Heart Failure

Your patient reports that she has been taking furosemide as prescribed by her physician for heart failure symptoms. Her edema is not improving. As you review her medications, you realize that one of them needs to be addressed as it could be worsening her edema and counteracting the furosemide. Which one would need to be addressed?

Warfarin Interaction

Which antibiotic would carry the highest risk to raise warfarin concentrations and ultimately a patient's INR?

Amiodarone Drug Interaction

A drug that inhibits which enzyme would likely have the greatest effects on amiodarone concentrations?

Isosorbide Mononitrate Interaction

JS is a 54-year-old male who has been recently diagnosed with angina and started on isosorbide mononitrate. Patient education should be provided about a drug interaction with which medication?

Levothyroxine Binding Interaction

In a patient taking numerous supplements, which one would be least likely to bind levothyroxine?

GI Medication With Numerous Interactions

Which GI medication is often avoided due to the risk for drug interactions?

Cyclosporine Interaction

Atorvastatin use is contraindicated with the use of cyclosporine as concentrations of atorvastatin can rise when they are used together. What enzyme does cyclosporine inhibit that would cause this interaction?

Opioid Interaction

Mr. Johanssen is on fentanyl patches for his chronic pain. Which medication would have the greatest chance to increase the risk for respiratory depression?

Ciprofloxacin and Supplements

Use of which supplement would cause a binding interaction with ciprofloxacin and increase the risk of treatment failure?