Nursing Pharmacology Practice Questions – Immune System Agents

Welcome to your Nursing Pharmacology Practice Questions – Immune System Agents

Immune System Agent

Which medication is used as a maintenance immunosuppressant in transplants?

Monitoring Immunosuppressive Agents

What are some monitoring considerations in transplant patients taking immunosuppressive medications?

Cancer Risk

True or False: Cancer risk is lower in transplant recipients taking immunosuppressive medications.

Cyclosporine Administration

JT is a 45-year-old male and an organ transplant patient that was recently discharged from TCU. He has had trouble swallowing large capsules and tablets and was prescribed the oral liquid form of cyclosporine. The facility calls and asks you if they can pour it into a cup to give to him. What do you advise the facility to do?

Transplant Definitions

Which of the following transplant types is correctly paired with their definition:

Raynaud's Disorder

What is the preferred treatment for patients with Raynaud’s phenomenon?

Steroids Versus NSAIDs

True or False: Steroids are stronger anti-inflammatory drugs than NSAIDs, but chronic use of NSAIDs is considered safer than chronic use of steroids.

Cushing's Disease

Which medication is likely to cause Cushing's syndrome? 

MAB Definition

What does the “-mab” stand for in Tocilizumab?