Nursing Pharmacology Practice Questions – Renal

Welcome to your Nursing Pharmacology Practice Questions – Renal

Calcium Acetate Monitoring

A nephrologist has prescribed calcium acetate. You are setting up a patient's medication schedule. When should this medication be taken?

Calcitriol Derivative

Which vitamin is calcitriol associated with?

KCL Administration

How should potassium supplements be administered?

K+ Error

A nurse you are working with says there has been an error for the last week. Between the provider, pharmacy, and your facility, the patient inadvertently received 100 meq of potassium daily and should have received 10 meq daily. The patient overall reports no concerns. Besides monitoring the potassium level, what other assessment might be considered immediately?

Magnesium Interaction

Mr. Nilson was prescribed ciprofloxacin recently for an infection. He takes oral magnesium supplements for low magnesium levels. What interaction exists between these agents?

Potassium Interaction

Mrs. Belaga is a 78-year-old female with hypertension, edema, and hypokalemia. The current potassium level is 4.6 meq/L. She is taking furosemide, amlodipine, and potassium chloride. Which medication will increase the risk of hyperkalemia?

Desmopressin Warning

A 22-year-old female has been placed on desmopressin for nocturia and bedwetting. When educating this patient, what lab/assessment would be critical for her to come in and get checked periodically?

Renal Obstruction Prevention

Renal tubular obstruction secondary to chemotherapy can be prevented by which of the following?

Electrolyte Imbalance and Renal Function

An elevation in which of the following serum electrolytes might help diagnose a drug-induced renal disorder?

Drug Induced Renal Impairment

Which medication is least likely to affect renal function?

Antibiotic Use and Renal Impairment

Which of the following antibiotics should be avoided in moderate to severe kidney disease?

Disease State Common With Kidney Disease

Which disease state is common with kidney disease?

Metformin and CKD Risk

What is the major risk if metformin is used in patients with poor kidney function?

Metabolic Acidosis

Metabolic acidosis in kidney disease is defined as: