Nursing Pharmacology Practice Questions – Nervous System Agents

Welcome to your Nursing Pharmacology Practice Questions – Nervous System Agents

Donepezil Benefit

A 78-year-old male and his daughter are in the clinic today. He has dementia and his daughter is wondering about the use of donepezil. Which of the following is most accurate regarding the potential benefits of this medication?

Contraindications For Sumatriptan

You note that Ms. Jackson is in for her routine physical. She has frequent migraines and is taking sumatriptan. Upon your initial assessments with her, what would be most concerning for the physician to review in relation to the sumatriptan use?

Topiramate ADR

In a patient taking topiramate for migraine prophylaxis, what patient education point would be most appropriate?

Propofol Infusion Reaction

When IV propofol is being given, which of the following would not be a likely complication from propfol-related infusion syndrome?

Succinylcholine MOA

Succinylcholine is best described as a...

Rocuronium Cares

When a patient is receiving a paralytic like rocuronium, which of the following cares/monitoring would be most important?

Gabapentin Adverse Effects

Which of the following would be the least important to monitor when using gabapentin?

Lidoderm Patches

Which of the following is false when using lidocaine patches for pain management?

Sinemet ADRs

A patient with what diagnosis would be most likely to be negatively affected by the adverse effects of Sinemet?

Fosphenytoin Infusion Risk

One of your colleagues comes to you to report that she gave the fosphenytoin IV push and wasn't sure if this was right or not. What boxed warning exists if phenytoin is infused too quickly?

Lamotrigine Monitoring

Mr. Thomas was prescribed lamotrigine by their neurologist. They can't recall what side effects are associated with this medication. What adverse effect would be most important for the nurse to educate them about?