Nursing Pharmacology Practice Questions – Pharmacogenomics, Kinetics, and Dynamics

Welcome to your Nursing Pharmacology Practice Questions – Pharmacogenomics, Kinetics, and Dynamics

Pharmacokinetics Definition

Which statement best describes pharmacokinetics?

Bioavailability Comparison

Which of the following forms of administration will always provide the highest bioavailability?

Loading Dose Purpose

What is the primary reason for a loading dose?

Administration With Slowest Onset

You'd like to drug Y quickly into the bloodstream. Which route of administration would likely take the longest?

Drug Binding

In patients with low levels of ______ in the blood, the amount free drug can significantly increase and increase the risk for adverse effects.


What is the primary organ responsible for elimination of medications?

Example NTI Medication

Which of the following would be an example of a narrow therapeutic index medication?

Describing Drug Action

Describing how a beta-blocker has its effects on the body would be consistent with which of the following?

Allopurinol Genetic Risk

Patients who are HLA-B58:01 positive will have an increased risk of what adverse effect?

HIV Medication Assessment

Which HIV medication requires genetic testing prior to use?

Bupropion Genetic Variation

A genetic alteration in which enzyme will affect bupropion metabolism?

Warfarin Breakdown

Genetic variations in which enzyme will affect concentrations of warfarin?


A poor metabolizer at CYP2C19 will have what affect on clopidogrel?