Nursing Pharmacology Practice Questions – Urology

Welcome to your Nursing Pharmacology Practice Questions – Urology

Confusion and Urinary Medications

A patient is reporting dry mouth and worsening confusion. Which urinary medication would be most likely to contribute to these adverse effects?

Drug Disease Interactions - Tolterodine

One of your elderly patients has a complex medical history. He has rheumatoid arthritis, early-onset Alzheimer's disease, IBS with diarrhea, and diabetes. The provider recently started tolterodine for urinary frequency. Which disease state would most likely be affected by tolterodine?

Mirabegron Receptors

Which subtype of beta-receptors does mirabegron primarily work on?

Onset Of Action - Urology Medications

When working with patients taking urology medications, which medication takes the longest amount of time to begin working?

Management of Alopecia

Which urinary medication may also have beneficial effects on hair loss?

Fall Risk - Urology Medications

One of your patients is a frequent faller. Which medication would be most likely to lower blood pressure and increase the risk of hypotension and dizziness?

Female Caregiver Risk

You just found out one of your colleagues is pregnant and you know that we have to crush many medications at our facility. Which medication should a pregnant caregiver be most concerned about handling broken or crushed tablets?

Floppy Iris Syndrome

One of your patients is undergoing cataract surgery. Which medication should you be sure to notify the eye doctor about?