Valacyclovir Pharmacology

Valacyclovir can be used for various viral infections such as herpes virus and varicella.

The primary clinical advantage of valacyclovir compared to acyclovir is that it is dosed less frequently.

Valacyclovir may have some mild CYP1A2 inhibitory effect. I discuss the clinical relevance of this on this episode.

GI upset can occur so I usually recommend to give it with food even though it may be given with or without food.

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Acyclovir Pharmacology

On this episode “Acyclovir Pharmacology” I discuss the mechanism of action, important monitoring parameters, and drug interactions with acyclovir.

I discuss why acyclovir has to be dosed so many times per day.

Acyclovir can inhibit CYP1A2 which can impact a few drugs. I discuss a couple of those examples on this podcast episode.

GI effects are one of the more common side effects of acyclovir.

Rarely, neuropathy and nephropathy can be part of the adverse effect profile of acyclovir. I discuss this further on this episode.

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