Phenytoin RLP Episode 020

Oh boy…Phenytoin is one of those medications that has a ton of clinical pearls.  I’ve seen mistakes with phenytoin that has led to hospitalizations.  You need to pay attention for this one!  Also be sure to check out our Top 200 drugs and 3 highly testable pearls!  A FREE 31 page PDF resource, simply for following the blog!

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  1. (Rising PY2): Watched this podcast a week ago and noticed a patient getting a prescription filled for a suspected H. pylori infection. (Clarithromycin + Metronidazole + PPI therapy x14days) noticed they were on phenytoin and remembered this podcast and immediately made sure the order was stopped. Called the prescriber with a new recommended regimen and started them on that instead. Really think this podcast helped stop a case of phenytoin toxicity, also got to switch their atorvastatin 80 -> crestor 20 while I was at it since that also interacted with the phenytoin. Crazy stuff but this podcast is fantastic for my morning commute to rotation! Keep it up!

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