Tadalafil (Cialis) Pharmacology Podcast

On this episode, I discuss tadalafil pharmacology, adverse effects, pharmacokinetics, and drug interactions.

Tadalafil has a significantly longer half-life than sildenafil. I discuss how this is going to impact a patient that may need a nitrate.

PDE-5 inhibitors like tadalafil are most commonly used for erectile dysfunction but I talk about other unique indications in the podcast.

Daily use or as-needed use of tadalafil are both acceptable options but there are some quirks you need to know with these two methods of use.

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Sildenafil Pharmacology

On this episode, I discuss sildenafil pharmacology, adverse effects, and important drug interactions.

Sildenafil’s most common and concerning adverse effect is in relation to its ability to lower blood pressure. I discuss this further in the podcast.

Sildenafil can cause rare visual changes that patients should be aware of and report immediately to their pharmacist or physician.

The sildenafil nitrate interaction is essential to know. I discuss it in this podcast episode.

I discuss important drug interactions on the podcast, be sure to check out my latest project which is a 200+ page book on managing drug interactions in primary care.

Be sure to check out our free Top 200 study guide – a 31 page PDF that is yours for FREE!